Where to deliver a gift?

in Kazan: 18/07/2024

How to become a new partner of “My-Present” Company

Thank you for interest shown towards cooperation with our company. We always welcome new partners because these are new possibilities and as a consequence – increase in profits.
If you want to offer your services on flowers and gifts delivery, please send a request using special form on the corporate web-site. You request will be automatically processed and you will get the information as for further actions. Once the required information is given, you can become full or general partner and able to receive orders from our service for further execution and send your orders through the unified network of partners in order to execute these orders in other cities.
If you want to offer cooperation in the field of advertisement, selling of goods or provision additional services, please use the form where you are be able to describe your services for further consideration. If we are interested in your services, our representative will contact you and agree all information required for further cooperation.